For those who are keen to know more we have prepared a little useful aid to get to know interesting tourist places of western Bohemia or even of the golden Prague.

1) If you are ready to start out by self we will provide you a map & instructions.

2) If you are going to choose the comfort of guied tour you may find interresting our recent paid offers under following conditions: Minimal attendance 5 pers. Using our vehicle transportation cost are always calculated on 6 pers. The price is negotiable in the case of largers groups always depending on an attendance.

Nové Hamry roundtrip

Lookout tower Pajndl

Walking | A local cognitive roundtrip to meet resort’s history throughout the nature trail. Walking | Let’s visit one of best and highest situated point of view to observe whole region. The visibility at the case of eligible weather conditions is up to 50km. You may enjoy local refreshment at Tisova on way back.
Duration 3 - 6 hours | Price 30 €  Duration 2 - 5 hours | Price 30 € 

Lookout tower Horní Blatná


Train & Walking | Taking train to Horní Blatná whence you will reach the local look tower and on your way back to visit interesting natural curiosity - Wolf’s Holes gap, mining history remnant yearlong filled with ice. Walking | Go through the forgoten history. Walk on the forest trail former road connecting lost villages Chaloupky and Jelení. You may enjoy local refreshment at Jelení.
Duration 4 - 6 hours | Price 30 € (all fees included) Duration 3 - 5 hours | Price 30 €


Loket nad Ohří

Karlovy Vary

Multivan | Guided sightseeing tour of well preserved medieval town above the Eger river twist. See the Castle, St. Václav church, Amfiteátr, Black Tower, museum of book binding art and more. Multivan | Guided sightseeing tour of world famous Spa town with its special spirit. Walking throughout spa colonnades you may taste curative springs. Watching miscellaneous architecture you are going visit wellknown local liquor Becherovka museum, degustation naturally included.

Duration 3 - 6 hours | Price 85 € / pers. (fees not included) |
Transport costs 55 € 

Duration 6 - 7 hours | Price 85 € / pers. (fees not included) | 
Transport costs 63 €  


Statek Bernard


Multivan | Newly restored typical german homestead from the beginning of 20th century situated at the edge of coal mining area offers museum of agriculture and of historical crafts. You may enjoy traditional home cuisine and you will be also invited to visit artifitially flooded and recultivated brown cole mine. Multivan | Let’s visit golden Prague and touch easily its treasures to come back and back. Short but satisfactory “degustation” of the Mother of towns.
9:00 – 21:00 

Duration 6 - 7 hours | Price 85 € (fees not included) |
Transport costs 55 €

Duration whole day | Price 150 € (fees not included) | 
or Transport & guide costs 180 €  



Special offers for kids 

Multivan | Let’s visit european beer capital the hometown of famous Pilsen Urquell. Enjoy brewery sighseeing tour, lunch at its unique restaurant. Walk through underground corridors under medival historical town center. Let your kids to visit gorgeous natural Pilsen ZOO.

Discount is available for the above mentioned offers if there is a larger group of kids.

Duration 9:00 - 21:00 | Price 100 € (fees not included) |
Transport costs 120 €

For kids we offer further:

Watter games in local swimming pool 2 hours | 20 €
Walking the Christ Child trail at Boží Dar 5 - 6 hours | 42 €  
Bungee Trampoline games 2 € per child (person) / 5 min.


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